Laser Hair Removal for Women’s Legs

All women desire for sleek and smooth legs. However, keeping the legs on its best look can take time and energy. With a large area for shaving and waxing, removing leg fuzz can be tiring. Not for long! Laser hair removal can help women get the best-looking legs, minus the razors and wax. This treatment can give long lasting results with a procedure that is painless and fast. Here’s what you need to know about laser hair removal for women’s legs.


Laser Hair Removal for Women’s Legs

How Laser Hair Removal Eliminates Leg Hair


Laser hair removal works using pulses of laser, which target the pigment of the hair. The laser then delivers heat to the hair without affecting the surrounding tissues. The heat from the laser will be absorbed by the pigment of hair, which will cause the hair to become dormant, and eventually, termination of the hair growth. Permanent hair removal can be achieved while keeping the skin healthy and smooth.


Long Term Hair Removal Results


Shaving or waxing the legs can result in cuts, bumps, and discoloration of the skin. Shaving the legs is an inefficient way to remove hair as it cannot completely remove hair, and can make the skin look darker. The discoloration of the skin can only be removed when the hair is removed from the roots. However, plucking or waxing can cause ingrown hairs, or can infect the hairs, as removing the hair from the roots exposes the deeper skin to harmful outer elements like bacteria.

These unwanted skin issues can be avoided by undergoing laser hair removal. With this treatment, you will no longer need to shave or wax the legs again after the course of treatment. The legs will be free of hair, smooth, and sleek, like what every woman wants.


Laser Hair Removal for Women’s Legs

Applicable to Different Types of Skin


There are now cutting-edge technologies for laser hair removal. However, consultation is still necessary before undergoing laser hair removal to know if the patient is suitable for the treatment. The color of the skin plays a big role during the assessment because the laser works by targeting the melanin or the pigment of the hair shaft. The thickness of the hair must also meet the ideal width that the laser can be absorbed by the hair.


During the consultation, factors like the skin color, the color of the hair and the thickness of hair are considered to determine what kind of approach will be used for the patient. For patients with darker skin, a diode laser is used as this device can treat all types of skin and hair. The length of the treatment course will also be determined during consultation. Typically, it takes more than 6 sessions until 90% of hair reduction will be achieved.




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